Bespoke Entrances and Installations

Making an Entrance

We pay significant attention to the attributes of the local environment in all our designs. Our work at St. Marnock’s Bay celebrates the ambience of the seaside town of Portmarnock.

Working closely with Quintain, we created a custom fabricated piece which now serves as a landmark for the area. Made from corten weathering steel and installed in one-piece, it features laser etched logo and wave inspired 3D fins providing a unique installation at the entrance to this premium development.

Above are some examples of some of our exclusive bespoke entrances we have created for various schemes, and this got us thinking about some iconic entrances.


The banks of Mount Lee in Los Angeles, California hosts the most famous entrance sign of its kind. First erected over 100 years ago, to promote a new neighbourhood ‘HollywoodLand,’ the sign was branded an ‘expensive billboard’ at the time. Since 1973, it has been an official landmark recognised by the State of California.

This iconic landmark has served as the backdrop for numerous movies, been lit by thousands of bulbs to welcome the Olympics to the city, and been saved by celebrities to prevent its demolition. This ‘expensive billboard’ has achieved a lot more than just promoting real estate. The entrance to Hollywood would not be the same without this remarkable sign.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, home to the celebrated ‘Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada’ sign. This entrance was developed to complement the city’s spirit and mark that you are entering the entertainment capital of the world. As the saying goes, first impressions matter. Entrances are the first impression the public will have of your project, making them an essential part of every construction venture, no matter how big or small.

Superior, Colorado

Superior, Colorado a town famous for its coal-mining community. It hosts one of the most lavish signs in the USA.

Jasper Square

Jasper Square, a residential and commercial hub in Malaysia hosts a spectacular entrance to the area where hand laid bricks were used to create a stunning ‘Herringbone’ effect.