AT PROjekt we set out to deliver a mutually beneficial working relationship.

We provide a remuneration structure that offers value to our Clients by providing cost-efficient professional solutions based on the agreed task for the duration of the project.

A project-based revenue model

Agreements based on projects to be completed.

A detailed quote is provided, tailored to our Clients needs, outlining the scope of work, length of time and the incentivised offering. This is scalable accordingly with KPIs or bonuses that are agreed and discussed in advance after the first free consultation.

A bespoke contract that sets out the terms of engagement with a view to developing and nurturing the relationship is provided.

Adaptable & Scalable

At PROjekt we are not limited to the realm of the top executive or board of directors. We are specialists who can justify cost based on more direct return on investment calculations at all operational levels within the communications mix. As experienced brand consultants, we also provide solutions for route to market strategy, marketing, advertising and the commercial business challenges you may face.

We work with you as a customer – an experienced extension to your team.

Responsive to every customer communication

We offer a responsive communication process that is tailored to your needs. We adapt to your favourite mode of communication, whether that be Whatsapp, Texting, Phone calls, meetings or Email – you decide what works best professionally for you.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

We are professional, collaborative, transparent and confidential”