Shane Whelan established PROjekt in early 2013, after identifying a growing need among brand led businesses for a flexible, scalable, professional advertising, marketing and brand consultancy resource.

Our reputation is one of delivering excellence from start to finish, with a track record of growing brand awareness, loyalty, route to market strategy & market share. 

We provide marketing, mentoring, advertising and brand consultancy solutions to SMEs, start-ups and artists.
  • We work with clients directly based on the objectives and needs of each project.
  • We can also collaborate with agencies and other communications partners that clients may already have.
  • We see ourselves as a catalyst that ensures the realisation of both the brand’s potential, client’s or artist’s vision.
  • We are passionate, flexible, experienced and discrete. 
  • Once we are immersed in a project we see ourselves as an extension of your team. 
  • We enjoy what we do and when we enjoy ourselves, we work better and achieve more.
  • We believe in an open and transparent relationship that is mutual rewarding and valued by all collaborators.

It was a gap he is more than qualified to fill, with two decadesʼ experience on national and global brands as Board & Group Account Director at Havas Worldwide Dublin.
Noticing Shaneʼs work on the Irish launch of Miller Genuine Draft, Havas hired him to handle C&Cʼs, Bulmerʼs Irish Cider. During his tenure, cider went from 0.2% to 12% share of LAD, led by Bulmers. This was to help further his career and reputation as he was recognised with a secondment by C&C to work on the development and launch of the “Magners” Brand. 

Another dimension to the philosophy at PROjekt lies in our commitment to engage with popular culture by also stepping outside the realm of selling, marketing and advertising and into creating entertainment, art and work that we believe is important and worthwhile.

This has seen us work with Irish international artist and Dye Transfer printer, Jean Curran, The Vertigo Project with the full support of the Sir Alfred Hitchcock Estate in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles.

PROjekt was also involved in representing young Dublin director Gary Shore’s drive to success in Hollywood with the production of a calling card, “The Cup of Tears”, which culminated in him directing Universal’s Dracula Untold, 2014.
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  • At PROjekt we set out to develop a partnership based on the business task, client or artist’s needs for the duration of the project.
  • We work with you to define the challenge and develop a strategy to make things better.
  • We then work with existing teams or build a bespoke team, handpicked to deliver.
  • This team will start with the brand stakeholders and can include media folks, researchers, writers, designers, digital specialists, architects, artists, curators photographers, lawyers, content writers, food critics, distributors, buyers, sellers and consumers.
  • We agree the terms of engagement and KPI’s that work best for you from the outset to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership and working relationship.

We direct, manage and implement the project to fruition.

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