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Collectively the Irish Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, TV Week, You Magazine, Mail Online &, have over 2 million female readers on a monthly basis*. (*Source: JNRS 13/14, Omniture, Google Analytics)
Associated Newspapers were looking to create a communication piece to go into the market (Media Agencies & Clients) to celebrate the release of the latest industry figures.

PROjekt’s collaboration involved basing ourselves alongside the Marketing & Sales team for three days, rooting an idea that was true to the brand proposition, “Celebrate our female figures” and creating an integrated DM and sales piece.
We delivered a basket of fruit to the target audience. Each piece of fruit was individually branded with the brands within the Associated Irelands group of media titles – The Irish Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday, TV week, You Magazine, Mail Online & was accompanied with a card and a set of cocktails sticks!

The fruit represents the many shapes and sizes of the many female body types.

To the Media & Creative Agencies were asked to engage in a bit of fun and create a female shape from the fruit, to win a prize of an integrated media campaign with Associated Newspapers to the value of @150K for an Irish brand. Further email and printed cards followed up as reminders.