IRS Plus Logo

In early 2014, PROjekt collaborated with the new management team, identifying the challenges & goals for the future, which resulted in the unveiling of a new mission statement, logo & communication strategy which developed IRS into IRS+.

As part of the rebrand, and to celebrate 25 years of local radio in Ireland, PROjekt was tasked with developing a B2B communication strategy for IRS+, to target their Media Agencies & Clients.

PROjekt Insight “If the 25th of December is renowned to be a day of ‘Gifting & Giving’ why not make the 25th of every month a day of “Gift & Giving” to celebrate 25 years of local radio, brought to you by IRS+”

PROjekt developed a suite of hand delivered gift cards targeting this audience. With a gifting and giving message to help heighten the brand profile, this began to seed relationships for the new IRS+ brand among its member stations and its core audience.

This new IRS+ look and feel was also carried through in IRS+ stationery, presentations and an office re-brand.