Stephen Kent | Marketing & Commercials Director | Bulmers Ltd | CEO Bus Eireann

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“I have worked with Shane Whelan at Young Euro, (now Havas) for over 13 years. We developed numerous award winning campaigns for both the Bulmers and Magners brands together over that time, together with promotions, media strategy and sponsorship.”

“Shane is committed and passionate, creative and commercial… as our Account Director, he always carried these four qualities into every conversation and I found he could always under-promise and over-deliver. Not shy of a spirited debate, Shane believes in the power of brands and once he works for you, he adopts a very collaborative role of brand-owner, and plays as a 100% team member to push boundaries, stretch the creative – always thinking about the proposition right through the line, to drive sales and sustain differentiation.”

“I have no hesitation in recommending Shane to anyone looking for a different marketing perspective. He walks the talk. Like no other.”

Lars Hemming Jorgensen | TROJAN GORILLAS | CCO Vice Media

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“We’ve worked worth with Shane since 2006. He’s a fantastic individual with a strong commercial edge. He simply doesn’t stop till the job is delivered beyond and above expectations. I appreciate working with such a devoted partner, and his friendship too.”

Gary Shore | Film Director

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“If it wasn’t for Shane’s belief in me and perseverance I would not be where I am today. His creative spirit and ability to discover up-and-coming talent is rare in my experience, but his willingness to support it is unique. I am forever grateful.”

Denis Goodbody Creative Communications

Denid Goodbody Creative Communications

“I was creative director at Shane’s first agency and he’s been kind enough to say I was a mentor to him back then. This is a great compliment and, if true, a great honour. Such is Shane’s drive, positivity, insightfulness and absolute professionalism, it would be safe to say that today he is a mentor to me.”

Peter McPartlin | CEO | Today FM

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“In the marketing communications business, there are many people who are capable of generating great ideas; there are some people who are great at insights and there are others who can deliver great strategies. But there are a few who can marry all three – and Shane Whelan is one of them.”

John Lowery | Strategic Planning Consultant | (C&C 2008-2013 )


“Shane is one of the finest account managers I’ve come across. Massively dedicated, hugely enthusiastic and brimming with a seemingly endless supply of ideas, he held the Bulmers business in Young Euro almost single-handed for more than a decade. It was a pleasure to have met and worked with him then and I look forward to our continued friendship and working relationship.”

Jake Walshe | SCREEN SCENE

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“Shane has been great to deal with on all the projects we have worked on together. His collaborative approach to the work has given us the room to deliver a better creative product to the end client. I would highly recommend Shane as somebody who can bridge the gap between the creative process and boardroom, keeping everyone on the team motivated and on target.”

Jake Walshe

John Dunford | Daisy Entertainment

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“As a representative of Daisy Entertainment, I had the great and unique privilege of working with Shane Whelan on the Bulmers Galway Girl television and radio campaign in 2008 and then subsequently bringing to life his vision for the Magners Irish Sessions gigs in the UK and Lanzarote during 2009. I stress unique, because often when you combine artiste and premium brands there can be massive difficulties. I represented the artiste and Shane the brand. What was unique about Shane was his ability to always see the big picture. Great creative imagination combined with a fierce loyalty to the brand but also a clear vision and sensitivity to the part of the artiste at all times. This made dealings very easy as well as exciting. Looking forward to our next venture, Shane!”

Liam McDonnell | CEO | Aegis Media Ireland

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“Shane Whelan has been successfully researching, planning, creating and implementing advertising, media and marketing communications for almost two decades. During that time I have always found him to be interested, affable and positively disposed. He is an avid student of consumer behaviour and his interest in music, art and cinema all contribute to his skill set, but above all it’s his passion that singles him out. He is relentless in his pursuit of excellence.”

Russ Russell | Russell Curran Productions

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“I have worked with Shane over the last 10 years, principally on Bulmers who were a client of Youngs and then Euro RSCG. Being a production company we work with creatives and account directors from many agencies, so I have sufficient perspective and experience to say that Shane was one of the most pleasant, honest and talented “suits” I have ever had the privilege to work with. We worked on several outstanding campaigns for Bulmers over the last number of years and Shane’s ability to get creative, clients (both Irish and English) and the production company singing off the same hymn sheet, made the work a real pleasure. He is an outstanding co-ordinator but also has real vision and creative talent.”